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Let the building begin!

Work has begun this week at the farm to turn what used to be the old saddlery and stables into a modern cafe.

Those of you who are local to the town of Weston Coyney may well remember the saddlery and stables that used to be there, a well loved and respected institution that sadly folded. Since then the beautiful old stables have been almost empty and in need of a revamp. 5 years later, and the space is about to be given a whole new lease of life.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, we made the life changing decision to embark on a project we weren't even sure was going to be possible: to create an outdoor rural retreat, serving it's communities with arts projects, a family run cafe and accommodation. It was an idea that combined all of our passions as a family and offered something we believe is really unique to our area.

After a winter of paperwork and planning, this week saw a landmark moment for the newly formed Bolton Gate Farm Ltd as we welcomed builders on site to begin construction of the interior of the cafe and the associated outdoor facilities.

A huge amount of work lies ahead in the coming weeks, but we want to invite our future guests into that journey with us, and play a role in helping to fulfil our vision for the place. We will be keeping our audiences regularly updated through our news page, emails and galleries (see our Work in Progress gallery for more) as we edge closer to our opening date.

It's all starting to happen! Here we go...



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