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Meet our 2023 Summer Interns

Bolton Gate Arts welcomes two Social Media and Marketing Interns for the summer, Lauren Brookfield and Katie Shaw. Lauren and Katie are excited to unlock the potential of Bolton Gate Arts over on our social media channels. We thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to the pair, who will be a regular presence at our events!

Bolton Gate Arts has so far been a two-man band with our company directors, Joe and Emma, who are supported by their team of Front of House Volunteers during events. So it has been a fantastic opportunity to partner with Keele University as part of their Paid Internship Scheme, enabling us to create roles for two Social Media and Marketing Interns to aid in growing our visibility and online presence.

Lauren and Katie bring different skill sets to the table- Katie's marketing degree and Lauren's love for the theatre made the pairing an unstoppable combination, as they spread the joy of arts to our communities in the most effective manner.

Lauren and Katie will be regulars on the farm over the summer period, so we hope this introduction puts a name and story to these friendly faces.


Lauren Brookfield


I'm Lauren and I have just graduated with an English Literature and History Degree at Keele University. I grew up performing in local amateur dramatics so I am passionate about the importance of artistic outlets within our local community. When I saw Bolton Gate Arts- an outdoor arts space on my doorstep- as an option within the Keele Internship Scheme, I knew I had to apply. I am thrilled to be working here over the summer, and if you see me, feel free to say hi and give me some feedback about our recent events.

What do you like about Bolton Gate Arts?

Bolton Gate Arts aligns with my interests entirely- a combination of culture and nature. As a literature student, I was thrilled to see classics such as 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and 'Robin Hood' in the brochure. I love the idea of collaborating with a mixture of local artists and national productions to provide an artistic outlet for my local community. I am excited to be involved in a project that spreads the joy of the arts to those from all walks of life- whether that be an avid theatre goer looking for a unique experience, or a newcomer to the arts.

How will the internship at Bolton Gate help you?

Already, Bolton Gate Arts has developed my confidence through both online and in-person communications, as well as proving my adaptability as I step outside of my comfort zone. As a Humanities student, this internship has been beneficial in providing a glimpse into a career that isn't the expected progression from my degree. I have developed new skills in a marketing industry that was completely unknown to me, and I am enjoying spending my summer with a company that I wholeheartedly support.


Katie Shaw


I'm Katie- a second year Business Management and Marketing student at Keele University. I applied for Keele's Internship Scheme because I have a desire to learn new marketing techniques and approaches, and working directly with a company will provide a glimpse into a future marketing career. I am thoroughly enjoying my internship, and will continue to promote Bolton Gate Arts to the best of my ability over the summer.

What do you like about Bolton Gate Arts?

Bolton Gate Arts is a creative and friendly space that is hugely accessible- an outlet where everybody feels welcome. Alongside the cafe, there is a sense of community spirit that is infectious, and I am excited to be involved.

How will the internship at Bolton Gate Arts help you?

The internship at Bolton Gate Arts has allowed me to apply the skills from my current studies to a practical situation. This experience is broadening my marketing techniques: from website building, to scheduling and being imaginative with content.

In addition, the internship at Bolton Gate has developed my confidence as I communicate professionally with people- both online and in person. There are a plethora of ways to capture the attention of a browser online, and I am enjoying testing out the success of these different methods as I promote the summer shows at Bolton Gate Arts.

I am thrilled to be helping Bolton Gate Arts to enhance their social media channels and attract more audiences to our amazing variety of shows!


Bolton Gate Arts are thrilled to expand our team for the summer period, and Lauren and Katie have fit in perfectly. The pair will be around to create content of our events and help to spread our project across the Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Moorland region.

If you see Lauren or Katie at our events, or on the farm in general, please feel free to say hi, or approach them with any feedback or queries you may have.


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